What is Palaver Records?

Palaver Records is a multi-faceted independent music label located in Nashville, Tennessee. Palaver Records has a passion for creating and supporting good music.

Why Palaver?

A palaver is an ongoing, meaningful conversation. The word Palaver exemplifies our record label because we set out to discuss every angle of your music act, and to collaborate with you to guarantee your music, personality, and goals remain intact. We support musicians - we don’t exploit them.

Let’s have a Palaver

What Can Palaver Records do for you?

Our personal experience includes audio engineering, pressing, graphic design, marketing, and more. What sets us apart from other record labels is our wide reaching network of music professionals, all collaborating to create exciting music. We are able to support musicians as much (or as little) as they like, and our collections of talents relevant to the music industry allow us to do so with confidence.

Palaver Records Mission Statement

At Palaver Records, we realize it is not an affiliation with a record label that makes a music act successful, but a partnership between artists and their representation. Our drive is to become more than representation, but a community of talented professionals who provide for artists at all levels of success. Our far-reaching expertise allows us to work with any artist, and to meet a countless variety of needs. Always learning, our knowledge of current technologies is relentlessly up to date. At Palaver Records, each artist is viewed uniquely, and we consider ourselves partners and collaborators at all levels. With shared responsibility, we can all become successful, honor our core values, and reach a lot more ears.

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